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Examples of 'deride' in a Sentence

1. The older generation often derides the use of technology in daily life.
2. He likes to deride the latest trends as fleeting and insubstantial.
3. The skeptics deride the claims of the psychic as mere trickery.
4. The opposition party continues to deride the government's economic policies.
5. Many people deride the consumption of fast food as unhealthy.
6. The fashion critic tends to deride any designs that are not modern and sleek.
7. They deride the notion that watching TV is an educational experience for children.
8. During the debate, he took every opportunity to deride his opponent’s arguments.
9. The literary community may deride a romance novel as not being serious literature.
10. The established artists deride the emerging art forms as lacking substance.
11. It's easy to deride someone's beliefs when you don’t understand them.
12. The coach warned his players not to deride the skills of the opposing team.
13. She couldn’t help but deride the absurdity of the situation.
14. He derided her speech as full of empty promises and platitudes.


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