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Examples of 'derision' in a Sentence

1. The employee's derision towards his boss's idea cost him his job.
2. The comedian's derision towards the audience's intelligence caused a stir on social media.
3. The team's derision towards their opponents led to a heated rivalry.
4. The celebrity faced derision from fans after their controversial comments.
5. The writer's use of derision in the article sparked a debate among readers.
6. Her derision towards my ideas only fueled my determination to prove her wrong.
7. The comedian faced derision from the tough crowd but didn't waver in confidence.
8. Despite derision, the artist pursued his unique vision with unwavering passion.
9. The politician's derision of his opponent's policies didn't sit well with the voters.
10. In the face of derision, he maintained his composure and remained focused.
11. Their derision of his fashion sense only encouraged him to be more daring.
12. She masked her pain with a smile, ignoring the derision from her peers.
13. Derision in the workplace can create a toxic and unproductive environment.
14. He had to endure constant derision from his classmates due to his accent.
15. The derision in the room faded when he delivered an inspiring speech.
16. She handled the derision with grace and never let it affect her self-esteem.
17. The film received both critical acclaim and derision for its controversial themes.
18. He used humor to deflect derision, making light of his own shortcomings.
19. Despite derision, the startup founder believed in his revolutionary idea.
20. The derision in the courtroom didn't deter the lawyer from fighting for justice.
21. Online forums are often filled with derision, making civil discourse challenging.
22. Derision can be a defense mechanism to hide one's insecurities.
23. The derision of his culinary skills didn't discourage him from becoming a chef.
24. They faced derision from skeptics but proved their innovative concept's worth.
25. The derision of her unconventional career choice only fueled her determination.

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