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Examples of 'derivation' in a Sentence

1. The chef learned the derivation of various cooking techniques from different cultures.
2. The programmer was fascinated by the derivation of computer algorithms.
3. The lawyer provided evidence for the derivation of legal principles from past court cases.
4. The archaeologist studied the derivation of pottery designs in ancient civilizations.
5. The musicologist examined the derivation of musical genres and their influences.
6. The derivation of this theory traces back to ancient philosophies.
7. The derivation of the word has roots in Latin and Greek languages.
8. Understanding the derivation of the data is crucial for its accuracy.
9. The scientist explained the derivation of his groundbreaking discovery.
10. The mathematical derivation provided insight into complex equations.
11. She discussed the derivation of the recipe from her grandmother.
12. The company's success is a direct derivation of its innovative culture.
13. The historian meticulously studied the derivation of historical texts.
14. Linguists study the derivation of words and their etymological roots.
15. The derivation of inspiration from nature is common among artists.
16. The derivation of electricity from renewable sources is sustainable.
17. The team analyzed the derivation of errors in the software code.
18. Understanding the derivation of laws helps citizens navigate them.
19. The economist explained the derivation of the economic recession.
20. The derivation of profits from the new product exceeded expectations.
21. The derivation of energy from fossil fuels contributes to pollution.
22. Legal scholars debate the derivation of constitutional rights.
23. The derivation of solutions from collaboration is often fruitful.
24. The detective worked to uncover the derivation of the mysterious note.
25. Her speech emphasized the derivation of strength from adversity.

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