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Examples of 'dermatology' in a Sentence

1. Cosmetic dermatology can enhance skin appearance and reduce signs of aging.
2. Dermatology research continually advances treatment options.
3. Pediatric dermatology specializes in children's skin health.
4. Allergies can trigger dermatological reactions that require treatment.
5. Dermatology plays a vital role in managing chronic skin conditions.
6. Dermatologists recommend sunscreen for protecting against UV damage.
7. Dermatology encompasses both medical and aesthetic skin care.
8. Skin biopsies are a common diagnostic tool in dermatology.
9. A dermatology clinic provides comprehensive skin care services.
10. Advances in dermatology have revolutionized scar removal techniques.
11. Dermatology focuses on personalized treatment plans for each patient.
12. Early dermatological intervention can prevent severe skin issues.
13. Dermatology consultations promote overall skin wellness.
14. Dermatology is integral to maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion.
15. Dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.
16. My dermatologist recommended a specific sunscreen for my sensitive skin.
17. I have an appointment with a dermatology specialist next week.
18. Dermatology is an important field of medicine that focuses on the skin.
19. My friend's acne cleared up after they started seeing a dermatologist.
20. I learned about the different layers of skin in my dermatology class.
21. Dermatology treatments can include topical medications, laser therapy, and surgery.
22. My dermatologist advised me to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect my skin from the sun.
23. Dermatology clinics often offer cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers.
24. I'm considering a career in dermatology because I'm fascinated by skin conditions.
25. Dermatology research has led to advancements in treating skin cancer and other diseases.

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