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Examples of 'desalinate' in a Sentence

1. To combat water scarcity, arid regions should consider using renewable energy to desalinate water.
2. The government is planning to build a new facility that will desalinate water for agricultural use.
3. Scientists are researching ways to desalinate water without using as much energy.
4. The island nation had to desalinate seawater to ensure an adequate supply of freshwater for its population.
5. They are using an innovative reverse osmosis process to desalinate the brackish water.
6. The new project aims to desalinate water from the ocean and use it to create a sustainable agriculture system.
7. Developing countries need affordable technology to desalinate water for their growing populations.
8. The cruise ship is equipped with a system that can desalinate seawater for passengers’ consumption.
9. One of the challenges in space travel is finding ways to desalinate water efficiently in microgravity.
10. The university’s research department is developing a small-scale device that can desalinate water in remote areas.
11. As global freshwater sources become scarcer, the need to desalinate seawater increases.
12. This new material has the potential to revolutionize the way we desalinate water.
13. Non-profit organizations are helping communities in arid regions set up small systems to desalinate water.
14. Coastal communities often desalinate seawater to meet their freshwater needs.
15. The desalination plant provides clean drinking water to the arid region.
16. Engineers use advanced technology to desalinate brackish groundwater.
17. Desalinating water is an essential process in water-scarce regions.
18. Solar desalination methods offer sustainable freshwater solutions.
19. In desert areas, they rely on desalinated water for agriculture.
20. The island nation invested in desalination to combat water shortages.
21. Innovative desalination techniques are improving efficiency.
22. Scientists explore nature-inspired ways to desalinate water.
23. Desalinating ocean water requires substantial energy resources.
24. The desalinated water supply ensures the city's resilience to drought.

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