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Examples of 'descent' in a Sentence

1. The historian researched the noble family's noble descent to the medieval era.
2. The paraglider enjoyed the breathtaking views during their descent from the cliff.
3. The economic crisis resulted in a sharp descent of the country's currency value.
4. The bird's graceful descent into the water caught the attention of nearby onlookers.
5. The genealogist traced the individual's descent through generations of ancestors.
6. The descent down the steep mountain was both thrilling and challenging.
7. Economic descent can have far-reaching consequences for a nation.
8. The aircraft's rapid descent during turbulence alarmed passengers.
9. The astronaut's heart raced during the spaceship's descent into orbit.
10. The rapid descent of temperatures signaled the onset of winter.
11. She braced herself for the roller coaster's exhilarating descent.
12. The company's descent into bankruptcy shocked its employees.
13. The descent of the sun marked the end of another day.
14. The hikers began their treacherous descent into the canyon.
15. Social media can contribute to the descent into online addiction.
16. The descent of the elevator was smooth and uneventful.
17. Political leaders debated the country's descent into turmoil.
18. The sudden descent of darkness made navigation difficult.
19. The stock market's descent sent shockwaves through investors.
20. The gradual descent of the river carved a majestic canyon.
21. She felt a sense of relief during her descent from the mountaintop.
22. The descent of the plane brought passengers closer to their destination.
23. The family's descent into poverty motivated them to seek help.
24. The artist captured the beauty of the waterfall's descent on canvas.
25. The descent of the tide revealed hidden treasures on the beach.

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