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Examples of 'desecrate' in a Sentence

1. Online trolls often use offensive language to desecrate meaningful discussions.
2. The act of desecrating a flag is seen as a form of protest by some, but deeply offensive by others.
3. Vandals sought to desecrate the peaceful park with acts of destruction and vandalism.
4. It's essential to educate people about the consequences of actions that desecrate our environment.
5. The act of desecrating a sacred text can lead to profound social and religious tensions.
6. It is illegal to desecrate national monuments or historical sites.
7. The protesters were careful not to desecrate the church during the demonstration.
8. The company must ensure that its mining operations do not desecrate the sacred land of the indigenous people.
9. Some people believe that building on ancient burial grounds can desecrate the memory of the deceased.
10. It's disrespectful to desecrate someone’s grave or tombstone.
11. The archaeologists took extra precautions not to desecrate the ancient temple during the excavation.
12. The tribe is concerned that the new highway will desecrate their ancestral land.
13. People who desecrate places of worship often face severe legal consequences.
14. The community is asking the tourists to respect local customs and not desecrate their sacred sites.
15. The local government passed a law that makes it illegal to desecrate historical artifacts.
16. The artist claimed that his intention was not to desecrate any religious symbols in his work.
17. Environmentalists argue that excessive logging and deforestation desecrate natural habitats.
18. The citizens were outraged by the developer's plans to desecrate the city park with a new shopping mall.
19. It is considered highly disrespectful to desecrate a country’s flag.
20. The group planned to desecrate the monument as an act of protest.
21. The soldiers were instructed to avoid any action that would desecrate the cultural heritage of the region.
22. The author argues that excessive commercialization can desecrate the true spirit of traditional festivals.
23. It’s important to educate the younger generation about the consequences of actions that desecrate communal values.
24. The mayor pledged to implement stricter regulations to protect and prevent efforts to desecrate historical landmarks in the city.


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