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Examples of 'deserter' in a Sentence

1. The family of the deserter was devastated by the news of his disappearance.
2. The deserter's abandonment of his duty had a demoralizing effect on the remaining troops.
3. The deserter's actions were viewed as a violation of the code of honor and loyalty.
4. The authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspected deserter.
5. The deserter's decision to flee without warning left his superiors questioning his loyalty.
6. The deserter vanished into the night, leaving his comrades bewildered.
7. They branded him a deserter for fleeing the battlefield's chaos.
8. A court-martial awaits any confirmed deserter in the army.
9. The deserter's actions brought shame upon his family's name.
10. The commander vowed to catch the elusive deserter.
11. He feared being labeled a deserter if he left the unit.
12. Desertion was a grave offense during wartime.
13. The deserter sought refuge in a distant, secluded village.
14. The deserter's story remained a mystery for years.
15. Rumors spread about the deserter's whereabouts.
16. She empathized with the deserter's difficult decision.
17. The deserter's tale revealed the horrors of war.
18. The deserter's conscience weighed heavily on him.
19. Locating the deserter proved to be a daunting task.
20. The deserter's escape left a void in their ranks.
21. Deserters faced severe consequences under military law.
22. He confessed to being a deserter seeking redemption.
23. The deserter's fate rested in the hands of the court.
24. The deserter's absence weakened their unit's morale.
25. The deserter's departure marked a turning point in the conflict.

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