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Examples of 'desertion' in a Sentence

1. The family struggled to cope with the emotional aftermath of their son's desertion.
2. The general implemented stricter measures to prevent instances of desertion in the ranks.
3. The deserter's actions cast a shadow over the unit's morale and trust.
4. The army implemented a program to support veterans who experienced post-war desertion.
5. The organization worked to address the underlying issues that led to employee desertion.
6. The sudden desertion of troops weakened our defenses.
7. Desertion from the army was punishable by severe penalties.
8. His desertion left a void in our team's leadership.
9. Desertion during wartime was seen as an act of betrayal.
10. The general lamented the increasing rate of desertion.
11. Desertion often stemmed from the horrors of war.
12. She couldn't bear the guilt that came with desertion.
13. Desertion from the mission jeopardized the operation.
14. Desertion was a stain on his otherwise honorable record.
15. The soldiers faced court-martial for their desertion.
16. Desertion was the only way to escape the oppressive regime.
17. The consequences of desertion were widely known.
18. Desertion shattered the unity of their once loyal group.
19. Desertion was a last resort for the disillusioned.
20. His desertion haunted him long after the war ended.
21. The commander grappled with the problem of desertion.
22. Desertion was a desperate act born out of despair.
23. Desertion was the ultimate act of defiance against tyranny.
24. The policy aimed to reduce desertion rates in the army.
25. Desertion eroded the trust among the ranks.

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