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Examples of 'desire' in a Sentence

1. His burning desire for justice fueled his dedication to fighting for human rights.
2. The athlete's desire to win was evident in their relentless training and determination.
3. The desire for knowledge drove her to pursue higher education and engage in lifelong learning.
4. The couple's shared desire to start a family brought them joy and fulfillment.
5. The book captured the protagonist's deepest desires and the challenges faced in pursuing them.
6. Her desire for adventure led her to travel the world.
7. He felt an overwhelming desire for success in his career.
8. Their mutual desire for happiness strengthened their bond.
9. She couldn't resist the desire for delicious chocolate.
10. His desire for knowledge drove him to pursue higher education.
11. The artist's desire to create knew no bounds.
12. Love is a powerful and universal human desire.
13. Their shared desire for change sparked a social movement.
14. She concealed her desire for his affection.
15. The explorer's desire for discovery fueled his expeditions.
16. Desire for innovation propels the tech industry forward.
17. His burning desire for justice motivated his activism.
18. The desire for freedom ignited the revolution.
19. She couldn't deny her intense desire for adventure.
20. His desire for inner peace led him to meditation.
21. The athlete's desire for victory was unwavering.
22. Desire for equality inspired civil rights activists.
23. Their desire for a better future drove their efforts.
24. The novelist's desire to tell stories was boundless.
25. In the stillness of the night, his desire for her was palpable.

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