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Examples of 'desolate' in a Sentence


1. The graveyard at night seemed desolate, illuminated only by the pale moonlight.
2. The astronaut described the moon's surface as desolate and barren.
3. The aftermath of the fire left the forest desolate, with charred trees and blackened earth.
4. The refugee camp had a desolate feel, with makeshift shelters and minimal resources.
5. The artist captured the desolate beauty of the winter landscape in his painting.
6. The remote cabin was located in a desolate area, far from any civilization.
7. The ghost town was a desolate reminder of its once-thriving past.
8. The empty playground looked desolate under the gray skies.
9. The traveler found himself in a desolate wilderness, surrounded by towering mountains.
10. The factory's closure left the workers feeling desolate and uncertain about their future.
11. The writer's words conveyed a sense of desolate longing in his poems.
12. The shipwrecked sailors were stranded on a desolate island with no means of communication.
13. The ruins of the castle were a desolate sight, standing as a relic of history.
14. The end of the world scenario in the movie portrayed a desolate Earth devoid of human activity.

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