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Examples of 'desolation' in a Sentence

1. The old cemetery held an eerie sense of desolation at twilight.
2. Lost in the wilderness, he grappled with a deep sense of desolation.
3. The astronaut experienced profound desolation while gazing at Earth from space.
4. The dilapidated factory symbolized the desolation of the industrial era.
5. Their parting left an overwhelming feeling of desolation in their hearts.
6. The abandoned amusement park was a haunting scene of desolation.
7. The desolation in her eyes revealed the pain she tried to hide.
8. The once-vibrant town had descended into economic desolation.
9. The ghost town whispered tales of desolation to those who dared to visit.
10. The desert stretched endlessly, a vast expanse of desolation.
11. The musician's melancholic melody captured the essence of desolation.
12. After the shipwreck, they faced days of desolation on the deserted island.
13. The empty streets echoed with the footsteps of desolation.
14. As the sun set, the desolation of the wilderness became more pronounced.
15. The abandoned house stood as a symbol of desolation, its broken windows and crumbling walls echoing a tragic past.
16. The desolation in her eyes revealed the depth of her sorrow.
17. The sound of wind whistling through the desolate streets added to the sense of desolation in the ghost town.
18. After the earthquake, the survivors wandered through a landscape of desolation, searching for any signs of life.
19. The loss of her loved ones left her in a state of desolation, unable to find solace in anything.
20. The barren wasteland stretched before them, a scene of desolation that seemed devoid of any hope.
21. The once vibrant city now lay in ruins, a picture of desolation and despair.
22. The desolation in his voice was palpable as he recounted the tragic events that unfolded.
23. The abandoned factory was a haunting reminder of the desolation that had overtaken the industrial area.
24. The silence in the war-ravaged village was heavy with desolation, as if the very essence of life had been sucked out.
25. As he walked through the desolate forest, he couldn't shake off the feeling of desolation creeping into his soul.

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