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Examples of 'desperado' in a Sentence

1. The outlaw rode into town like a desperado, causing chaos wherever he went.
2. The sheriff's posse set out on a perilous journey to capture the elusive desperado.
3. The wanted posters displayed the face of the dangerous desperado, offering a hefty reward for his capture.
4. The desperado's gang grew in numbers as he recruited more individuals with a taste for lawlessness.
5. The law-abiding citizens rejoiced when the desperado was finally apprehended and brought to justice.
6. The sheriff faced off against the desperado in an epic showdown at high noon.
7. The desperado's reputation as a quick draw and a skilled marksman made him a feared adversary.
8. The desperate townsfolk took matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante group to confront the desperado.
9. The desperado's hideout was deep in the heart of the rugged canyon, making it difficult for the authorities to reach him.
10. The desperado was known for leaving his signature calling card at the scenes of his crimes.
11. The desperado's daring train robbery made headlines across the country.
12. The desperado's life of crime ultimately led to a tragic end, gunned down in a final confrontation with the law.
13. The town's residents breathed a collective sigh of relief when the reign of the desperado finally came to an end.
14. The sheriff led a posse to capture the notorious desperado.
15. The wild west was known for its fearless desperados.
16. The town lived in fear of the ruthless desperado gang.
17. The desperado's wanted poster was posted all over town.
18. A lone desperado rode into the dusty frontier town.
19. The saloon cleared out when the drunken desperado entered.
20. The sheriff's deputy finally apprehended the elusive desperado.
21. The desperado's hideout was hidden deep in the desert.
22. The bank robbery was the work of a cunning desperado.
23. The desperado's quick draw was legendary in the region.
24. The desperado's reign of terror finally came to an end.

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