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Examples of 'despicable' in a Sentence

1. He made a despicable joke about a tragedy, which offended many people.
2. Cheating on a test is a despicable act of dishonesty.
3. It's despicable how some politicians prioritize their own interests over their constituents'.
4. Discrimination based on race or gender is a despicable form of bigotry.
5. Vandalizing a public monument is a despicable act of disrespect towards history and culture.
6. His despicable betrayal left a trail of broken trust and shattered friendships.
7. The thief's actions were truly despicable, stealing from the most vulnerable.
8. Her despicable comments were offensive and hurtful to everyone present.
9. The dictator's despicable regime oppressed its citizens for decades.
10. The con artist's scams were nothing short of despicable.
11. The criminal's disregard for human life was beyond despicable.
12. The politician's corrupt actions were seen as despicable by the public.
13. The bully's behavior toward his classmates was utterly despicable.
14. The serial killer's crimes were heinous and despicable.
15. The slanderous rumors about her were as despicable as they were false.
16. The company's unethical practices were considered despicable by its competitors.
17. The war crimes committed by the militia were universally condemned as despicable.
18. The vengeful character in the story was portrayed as truly despicable.
19. The prejudice and discrimination they faced were utterly despicable.
20. His despicable treatment of animals led to widespread outrage.
21. The cyberbullying campaign against the teenager was despicable.
22. The cult leader's manipulation of his followers was morally despicable.
23. The condescending attitude of the supervisor was absolutely despicable.
24. The corrupt officer's actions were viewed as despicable by his colleagues.
25. The drug lord's ruthless tactics were considered despicable by law enforcement.
26. The genocide committed by the regime was undeniably despicable.
27. The child abuser's actions were universally regarded as despicable.
28. The scammer's exploitation of the elderly was particularly despicable.
29. The film portrayed the antagonist as a despicable character with no redeeming qualities.
30. The world united in denouncing the terrorist attack as despicable and cowardly.


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