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Examples of 'despot' in a Sentence


1. The despot's extravagant palace was built with the labor of oppressed workers.
2. As a despot, he used propaganda to manipulate public opinion and maintain control.
3. The people lived in fear under the despot's regime, as he was known to punish dissent harshly.
4. The despot relied on a network of spies to keep tabs on potential threats to his rule.
5. The uprising was brutally suppressed by the despot's military forces.
6. The despot's rule was characterized by corruption, nepotism, and human rights abuses.
7. Many sought refuge in other countries to escape the tyranny of the despot.
8. The despot was eventually exiled to a remote island after being deposed by a revolution.
9. History is filled with stories of despots who held on to power through terror and manipulation.
10. The despot ruled the country with an iron fist.
11. Citizens lived in fear under the oppressive despot.
12. The despot's reign was marked by cruelty and tyranny.
13. The people revolted against the ruthless despot.
14. The despot's palace was a symbol of his opulence.
15. History is filled with tales of despots and their atrocities.
16. The despot's whims dictated the fate of the nation.
17. The despot's rule led to economic ruin and suffering.
18. The despot suppressed dissent through violence and fear.
19. Overthrowing the despot was the goal of the revolution.
20. The world condemned the actions of the power-hungry despot.
21. The despot's downfall brought hope for a better future.
22. Under the despot's rule, freedom of speech was nonexistent.
23. The despot's greed knew no bounds.
24. The oppressed people longed for liberation from the despot.

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