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Examples of 'despotism' in a Sentence

1. The nation struggled to break free from the shackles of despotism and establish a democratic system.
2. The citizens yearned for liberation from the clutches of despotism.
3. The international community condemned the despotism and human rights abuses of the regime.
4. The people's uprising aimed to dismantle the structures of despotism and create a more equitable society.
5. The transition from despotism to democracy required the dismantling of oppressive institutions.
6. The citizens revolted against the oppressive despotism.
7. Under the shadow of despotism, freedom was a distant dream.
8. The history books were filled with tales of despotism.
9. The nation yearned for liberation from the grip of despotism.
10. Despotism led to the downfall of once-great empires.
11. The resistance fought tirelessly against the forces of despotism.
12. Citizens dared to challenge the entrenched despotism.
13. The oppressive despotism stifled creativity and innovation.
14. The tyrant's despotism extended to every aspect of life.
15. The people's suffering under despotism fueled their rebellion.
16. The struggle for democracy was a battle against despotism.
17. Despotism left a legacy of fear and distrust among the people.
18. The revolution aimed to topple the shackles of despotism.
19. The intellectuals condemned the ruling class's despotism.
20. Despotism often led to economic and social inequality.
21. The nation's history was marred by cycles of despotism.
22. The despotism of the monarchy was overthrown in a coup.
23. The Enlightenment era questioned the legitimacy of despotism.
24. Citizens yearned for a future free from the grip of despotism.
25. The struggle against despotism was a fight for basic rights.

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