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Examples of 'destitute' in a Sentence


1. Despite his destitute circumstances, he never lost his sense of dignity.
2. The novel depicted the struggles of a destitute artist trying to make ends meet.
3. The once-thriving village had become destitute after the mine closed down.
4. A wave of compassion swept over her as she saw the destitute dog on the streets.
5. The government implemented programs to uplift the destitute communities.
6. Their generosity helped provide a warm meal for many destitute individuals.
7. The destitute conditions had forced many to resort to desperate measures.
8. She dedicated her life to helping the destitute and marginalized.
9. The war had left the city in ruins, leaving its inhabitants destitute.
10. He managed to turn his life around after years of being destitute.
11. The photographs captured the harsh realities faced by the destitute population.
12. The destitute old man radiated a sense of wisdom despite his hardships.
13. The charity's efforts aimed to provide medical care for the destitute.
14. Despite their destitute circumstances, they held onto their dreams of a better future.

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