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Examples of 'desultory' in a Sentence

1. The novel's plot was criticized for its desultory structure.
2. The meeting was filled with desultory discussions and no clear decisions.
3. The company's financial reports revealed a desultory pattern.
4. Her desultory exercise routine lacked consistency.
5. The project suffered due to desultory management.
6. The desultory shopping spree left her with random purchases.
7. Their desultory efforts to fix the car only made things worse.
8. The student's desultory reading habits affected their comprehension.
9. The desultory traffic made the commute frustrating.
10. He approached the task in a desultory manner, causing delays.
11. The garden showed signs of desultory care and neglect.
12. The lecture was criticized for its desultory delivery.
13. Their desultory relationship lacked commitment.
14. The weather forecast predicted more desultory showers.
15. The desultory progress on the project was a cause for concern.
16. His desultory attitude towards work was holding back his colleagues.
17. The desultory weather made it impossible to complete the outdoor task.
18. He had a desultory approach to studying, often getting distracted.
19. The desultory state of the economy was reflected in the stock market.
20. The employee's desultory performance led to his dismissal from the company.
21. His desultory demeanor made it hard for him to make friends.
22. The desultory state of the roads made the journey a bumpy one.
23. The desultory conversation failed to spark any inspiration.
24. The desultory conversation between the two politicians failed to yield any agreements.
25. The conversation was desultory, with neither party showing much interest in the topic.


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