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Examples of 'detachment' in a Sentence

1. He needed to develop detachment from his material possessions to find inner peace.
2. The coach advised detachment from the outcome to reduce anxiety and focus on the process.
3. The journalist's detachment from the story helped her maintain impartiality.
4. His detachment from his family caused a rift between them.
5. The scientist's detachment from her hypothesis allowed her to analyze the results objectively.
6. His detachment from the situation allowed him to make objective decisions.
7. The soldier's detachment from home was evident in his letters.
8. She felt a sense of detachment from the bustling city life.
9. The artist's detachment from reality was reflected in his abstract paintings.
10. The therapist helped her achieve emotional detachment from past trauma.
11. The detachment of the astronaut from Earth was both awe-inspiring and isolating.
12. His detachment from the project surprised his colleagues.
13. The detachment of the hiker from civilization was liberating.
14. Her detachment from the gossip showed her maturity.
15. The detachment of the historian from bias was commendable.
16. He struggled with detachment from his old way of life.
17. The detachment of the surgeon during surgery was a testament to his focus.
18. Her detachment from material possessions brought her inner peace.
19. The detachment of the detective allowed him to solve complex cases.
20. The detachment of the pilot in emergencies was vital for safety.
21. His detachment from societal norms made him an unconventional thinker.
22. The detachment of the scientist led to groundbreaking discoveries.
23. She longed for detachment from the demands of modern life.
24. The detachment of the journalist from personal bias was admired.
25. His detachment from romantic relationships was a result of past heartbreak.

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