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Examples of 'detente' in a Sentence

1. The media plays a pivotal role in fostering detente worldwide.
2. Political will is crucial for achieving lasting detente.
3. Trust-building measures are vital for detente to succeed.
4. A spirit of cooperation can pave the way for regional detente.
5. Global organizations work to facilitate international detente.
6. The peace talks aimed to secure a lasting detente agreement.
7. Detente hinges on leaders' commitment to peaceful solutions.
8. Diplomatic efforts strive to achieve lasting detente.
9. International alliances aim to promote regional detente.
10. The ceasefire marked a crucial step toward regional detente.
11. The summit's success signaled a breakthrough in detente.
12. Building bridges between nations is key to achieving detente.
13. Economic partnerships foster trust and detente between nations.
14. Detente requires addressing the root causes of conflicts.
15. Détente allowed for greater communication and cooperation between the nations.
16. The Cold War saw several attempts at détente between the US and USSR.
17. The US pursued a policy of détente with China in the 1970s.
18. The success of détente depended on both sides' willingness to negotiate.
19. Détente was a welcome relief from the tension of the Cold War.
20. The treaty represented a major step toward détente between the two nations.
21. The leaders' meeting was a promising sign for future détente efforts.
22. Détente required compromise and mutual respect.
23. The policy of détente helped prevent a nuclear war.
24. The failure of détente led to renewed conflict between the nations.
25. Détente remains an important goal in international relations today.

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