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Examples of 'deterrent' in a Sentence

1. The deployment of troops serves as a deterrent for aggression from other countries.
2. The high interest rates serve as a deterrent for borrowers.
3. The warnings on cigarette packs serve as a deterrent for smokers.
4. The strict regulations serve as a deterrent for companies breaking the law.
5. The possibility of getting caught serves as a deterrent for criminals.
6. Nuclear weapons are often seen as a deterrent to large-scale conflicts.
7. The presence of security cameras serves as a crime deterrent.
8. Strict penalties can be an effective deterrent against white-collar crime.
9. Cybersecurity measures act as a deterrent to online threats.
10. A visible police presence can be a powerful deterrent to criminal activity.
11. The fear of punishment is a strong deterrent for some potential wrongdoers.
12. The electric fence was intended as a deterrent to trespassers.
13. Investing in education can be a deterrent to youth delinquency.
14. Vaccination is a vital deterrent against the spread of contagious diseases.
15. The prospect of losing their job is a deterrent to employee misconduct.
16. High insurance premiums can serve as a deterrent to reckless driving.
17. International treaties are aimed at nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation to reduce deterrence.
18. Public awareness campaigns act as a deterrent to harmful behaviors.
19. Early intervention programs can be a powerful deterrent to juvenile crime.
20. Wildlife conservation efforts aim to preserve species as a deterrent to extinction.
21. The threat of legal action can act as a deterrent in contract disputes.
22. Well-lit streets serve as a crime deterrent in urban areas.
23. Strict border controls are a deterrent to illegal immigration.
24. Economic sanctions are often used as a deterrent against hostile nations.
25. Environmental regulations function as a deterrent to polluting industries.

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