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Examples of 'detestable' in a Sentence

1. The teacher's favoritism towards certain students was viewed as detestable by the rest of the class.
2. The actor's offensive remarks on social media were widely condemned as detestable.
3. The character's detestable actions in the novel shocked and disgusted readers.
4. The media exposed the detestable corruption within the government.
5. The artist's controversial artwork was considered by some as daring, but by others as detestable.
6. His detestable behavior alienated everyone around him.
7. The villain's actions were truly detestable.
8. She found the taste of the dish detestable.
9. His detestable lies shattered trust in the relationship.
10. The movie portrayed the antagonist as utterly detestable.
11. Discrimination based on race is a detestable practice.
12. The politician's corruption was widely regarded as detestable.
13. Acts of cruelty toward animals are undeniably detestable.
14. The betrayal left a detestable stain on their friendship.
15. The dictator's regime was characterized by detestable oppression.
16. Hate speech is not only hurtful but also detestable.
17. Some find arrogance to be a detestable trait.
18. The cult leader's manipulative tactics were truly detestable.
19. The thought of war is detestable to those who seek peace.
20. His selfishness made him appear detestable to others.
21. The criminal's actions were universally detestable.
22. Prejudice and bigotry are undeniably detestable attitudes.
23. The serial killer's crimes were deemed the most detestable.
24. Racism and discrimination are detestable forms of injustice.
25. The betrayal was seen as a detestable act of disloyalty.


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