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Examples of 'detract' in a Sentence

1. Constructive feedback should aim to improve, not detract from, performance.
2. Let's focus on solutions, not things that detract from our progress.
3. Negative comments can detract from the positive impact of a great presentation.
4. A small error in the report should not detract from its overall quality.
5. Don't let fear of failure detract you from taking calculated risks.
6. Negative comments can detract from the overall experience.
7. A small error can detract significantly from the final product.
8. Please don't let minor issues detract from your achievements.
9. The flaws in the design detract from its appeal.
10. Their behavior can detract from the team's performance.
11. The loud noise will detract from the peaceful atmosphere.
12. Don't let distractions detract from your focus on the task.
13. Petty arguments can detract from family gatherings.
14. A lack of evidence may detract from the credibility of the claim.
15. The old paint job can detract from the beauty of the house.
16. Excessive advertising can detract from the user experience on websites.
17. Poor lighting can detract from the ambiance of a room.
18. Issues with the script can detract from the quality of the film.
19. Political disagreements can detract from the unity of a nation.
20. Let's not allow personal biases to detract from our decision-making.
21. Bad weather can detract from the enjoyment of outdoor events.
22. Lack of support can detract from an individual's self-confidence.
23. The typo in the report may detract from its professionalism.
24. A pessimistic attitude can detract from your overall happiness.

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