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Examples of 'detractor' in a Sentence


1. The professor's groundbreaking research faced detractors who criticized its methodology.
2. Despite the positive reviews, there were detractors who dismissed the book as mere sensationalism.
3. The celebrity's philanthropic efforts were met with detractors who accused them of seeking attention.
4. The team's victory silenced the detractors who had doubted their abilities.
5. The politician's detractors seized every opportunity to publicly criticize their policies.
6. The detractor's harsh words failed to dampen her spirit.
7. Every achievement had a detractor ready to criticize.
8. The artist faced detractors who doubted her talent.
9. Despite the detractors, he pursued his dreams relentlessly.
10. The movie's detractors found fault with every scene.
11. Her success silenced many of her early detractors.
12. Detractors accused the politician of dishonesty.
13. The singer had to contend with detractors at every turn.
14. His detractors only fueled his determination to succeed.
15. Even in the face of criticism, she ignored her detractors.
16. The company's detractors questioned its ethics.
17. Detractors couldn't undermine the team's unity.
18. The author responded gracefully to her detractors.
19. Detractors failed to deter their commitment to the cause.
20. Despite detractors, their love endured and grew stronger.
21. Detractors spread rumors to tarnish her reputation.
22. His detractors underestimated his resilience.
23. The athlete proved her worth to the detractors.
24. Even the harshest detractors admired her perseverance.
25. The detractors' negativity couldn't overshadow his success.

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