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Examples of 'detrimental' in a Sentence

1. Engaging in gossip at the workplace can be detrimental to professional relationships.
2. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can be detrimental to indoor air quality.
3. Skipping sleep to study for exams can actually be detrimental to performance.
4. Deforestation is detrimental to biodiversity and disrupts the balance of ecosystems.
5. The overuse of antibiotics is detrimental in the long term, as it can lead to antibiotic resistance.
6. A high amount of stress is detrimental to both emotional and physical health.
7. Spending beyond your means is detrimental to financial stability and can lead to debt.
8. Neglecting vehicle maintenance can be detrimental to the car's performance and lifespan.
9. Procrastination is detrimental; it hinders progress and success in the long run.
10. Excessive stress is detrimental to mental and physical well-being.
11. Neglecting maintenance can have a detrimental impact on your car's performance.
12. Overloading electrical circuits is detrimental; it can lead to fires.
13. Harboring resentment is detrimental to personal happiness and relationships.
14. The overuse of pesticides is detrimental to soil and water quality.
15. Skipping regular check-ups can be detrimental to your health.
16. Inadequate sleep is detrimental; it impairs cognitive function.
17. Hoarding clutter is detrimental to a clean and organized home.
18. A lack of transparency is detrimental to trust in leadership.
19. Excessive sugar intake is detrimental to dental health.
20. Gossiping is detrimental to workplace morale and teamwork.
21. Ignoring feedback can be detrimental to personal growth.
22. Neglecting cybersecurity is detrimental to data security.
23. The detrimental effects of pollution on air quality are evident.
24. Holding onto grudges is detrimental to emotional well-being.
25. Overworking without breaks is detrimental to productivity.
26. Disregarding safety precautions can have detrimental consequences.
27. Favoritism in decision-making is detrimental to fairness.
28. Neglecting environmental conservation is detrimental to our planet's future.

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