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Examples of 'devastate' in a Sentence

1. Invasive species of insects can devastate native plant populations.
2. The impending storm has the potential to devastate the entire island.
3. An oil spill in these waters would devastate the local marine ecosystem.
4. The company’s decision to move its headquarters will devastate the town’s economy.
5. The hurricane had the power to devastate entire coastal communities.
6. A fire can quickly devastate a forest ecosystem.
7. Losing a loved one can devastate a person emotionally.
8. War can devastate entire regions and economies.
9. A tornado has the potential to devastate a small town.
10. Economic recessions can devastate job markets.
11. Natural disasters can devastate infrastructure.
12. A cheating scandal can devastate a school's reputation.
13. A cyberattack can devastate a company's data and finances.
14. Substance abuse can devastate a person's health.
15. A divorce can devastate a family's dynamics.
16. The pandemic continues to devastate global healthcare systems.
17. Terrorist attacks can devastate a sense of security.
18. A tsunami can devastate coastal landscapes.
19. Failing an important exam can devastate a student's confidence.
20. Invasive species can devastate native ecosystems.
21. Economic inequality can devastate social cohesion.
22. Emotional trauma can devastate one's mental health.
23. A flood can devastate homes and livelihoods.
24. Political corruption can devastate trust in government.


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