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Examples of 'devastation' in a Sentence

1. The economic downturn resulted in widespread devastation, with businesses closing down and unemployment soaring.
2. The floodwaters receded, leaving behind a scene of utter devastation in the affected areas.
3. The terrorist attack inflicted unimaginable devastation on the innocent victims and their families.
4. The epidemic caused devastating devastation to the healthcare system and claimed many lives.
5. The long-lasting effects of the oil spill were seen in the environmental devastation and loss of marine life.
6. The hurricane left behind a trail of devastation in its wake.
7. The earthquake's devastation was evident in the shattered buildings.
8. The war's devastation extended far beyond the battlefield.
9. The forest fire's devastation was heartbreaking to witness.
10. The emotional devastation of loss takes time to heal.
11. The tsunami's devastation disrupted entire coastal communities.
12. The financial devastation of bankruptcy can be overwhelming.
13. The tornado's devastation was a stark reminder of nature's power.
14. The pandemic's devastation strained healthcare systems worldwide.
15. The flood's devastation forced many to flee their homes.
16. The aftermath of the explosion was a scene of utter devastation.
17. The economic devastation of job loss is deeply unsettling.
18. The devastation of betrayal can be emotionally crippling.
19. The volcanic eruption's devastation reached neighboring towns.
20. The wildfires' devastation prompted a state of emergency.
21. The environmental devastation of pollution is a global concern.
22. The devastation caused by addiction can tear families apart.
23. The terrorist attack's devastation was felt nationwide.
24. The devastation of war leaves lasting scars on communities.
25. The emotional devastation of a breakup can be overwhelming.

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