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Examples of 'devious' in a Sentence


1. Devious politicians often thrive in the world of intrigue.
2. The devious route through the forest confused even experienced hikers.
3. A devious plan to sabotage the competition was discovered.
4. Her devious charm masked her true intentions.
5. The devious puzzle required clever thinking to solve.
6. The devious character in the movie kept the audience guessing.
7. Devious strategies can undermine trust in relationships.
8. His devious actions left a trail of destruction.
9. The devious hacker breached the company's security with ease.
10. The devious negotiation tactics left the other party feeling cheated.
11. The devious tactics of the spy agency were known only to a few.
12. Devious marketing tactics can manipulate consumer behavior.
13. The devious trap caught the burglars by surprise.
14. A devious mind can invent creative solutions to problems.
15. Her devious behavior made it hard to trust her.
16. The politician's devious tactics caused public outrage.
17. He had a devious plan to steal the company's secrets.
18. The devious fox outsmarted the hunters and escaped.
19. She gave a devious smile that made me suspicious.
20. The devious employee lied to cover up their mistake.
21. His devious actions caused a lot of harm to others.
22. The devious student cheated on the exam and got caught.
23. The detective uncovered the devious plot and solved the case.
24. The devious cat knocked over the vase and blamed the dog.
25. The devious con artist scammed unsuspecting victims out of their money.

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