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Examples of 'diabolical' in a Sentence

1. The horror movie featured a diabolical antagonist who haunted viewers' nightmares.
2. The diabolical nature of the crime shocked even the most seasoned detectives.
3. His diabolical laughter sent shivers down the spines of those who heard it.
4. The diabolical plan to sabotage the competition was exposed just in time.
5. Overcoming the diabolical challenges required unwavering determination.
6. Her laughter had a diabolical undertone that sent shivers down my spine.
7. The maze was so complicated; it must've been designed by a diabolical genius.
8. I've never tasted anything as diabolical as that bitter drink.
9. The movie's twist was positively diabolical and left the audience in shock.
10. She wore a diabolical grin as she unveiled her latest invention.
11. The heat outside is simply diabolical today!
12. His diabolical scheme involved manipulating everyone around him.
13. The puzzle was diabolical, stumping even the most experienced players.
14. After hours of trying, he finally deciphered the diabolical code.
15. The cat looked at me with diabolical intent before knocking over the vase.
16. The diabolical nature of the riddle kept me up all night.
17. That roller coaster was diabolical; I've never felt such adrenaline!
18. His tactics in the game were so diabolical, no one saw his strategy coming.
19. With a diabolical glint in her eyes, she announced her next move.
20. That horror novel had the most diabolical plot twist I've ever read.
21. The storm outside is growing in its diabolical fury.
22. Why would anyone think of such a diabolical way to hide the treasure?
23. The dessert was deceptively sweet but had a diabolical kick of spice.
24. Faced with the diabolical challenge ahead, the team came together in unity.

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