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Examples of 'dialectic' in a Sentence

1. His understanding of dialectic was shaped by studying both Eastern and Western philosophies.
2. The book provides a deep insight into the dialectic of love and hate throughout history.
3. The teacher encouraged the students to use dialectic methods in their group discussions to stimulate critical thinking.
4. Marxist dialectic considers historical changes as a result of contradictions and conflicts within society.
5. The dialectic process is important in therapy to help clients reconcile conflicting feelings and thoughts.
6. Understanding the dialectic between freedom and responsibility is essential for creating a just society.
7. The dialectic between tradition and progress shapes our society.
8. Philosophers engage in dialectic to explore complex concepts.
9. Dialectic thinking fosters intellectual growth and insight.
10. The dialectic of nature versus nurture influences human behavior.
11. Political debates often employ a dialectic of opposing ideologies.
12. Dialectic discussions promote critical thinking skills.
13. The dialectic of good versus evil is a timeless theme in literature.
14. In academia, dialectic discourse is valued for its depth.
15. Dialectic reasoning can lead to innovative problem-solving.
16. The dialectic between science and ethics is ongoing.
17. Socratic dialogues exemplify the art of dialectic.
18. Dialectic approaches enhance group decision-making.
19. Dialectic interactions can reveal common ground.
20. The dialectic of art and commerce influences the creative industry.
21. Philosophers use dialectic to explore existential questions.
22. Dialectic analysis deepens our understanding of history.
23. Dialectic thought encourages open-mindedness and growth.
24. In ethics, dialectic reasoning seeks moral clarity.
25. Dialectic processes facilitate conflict resolution.
26. The dialectic of individual rights versus societal interests is complex.

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