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Examples of 'diametric' in a Sentence


1. The couple's tastes in music were diametric, often leading to disagreements over playlists.
2. The two countries' foreign policies were diametric, causing tensions in diplomatic relations.
3. The professor's teaching style was diametric to that of his colleagues, emphasizing practical application over theory.
4. The architectural designs proposed by the firms were diametric, reflecting different aesthetics and concepts.
5. The athletes had diametric training regimens, one favoring strength training while the other focused on endurance.
6. Their viewpoints on the issue were diametrically opposed.
7. The political candidates held diametric positions on taxes.
8. Her approach to problem-solving was diametric to his.
9. Diametric differences in personality often lead to conflicts.
10. The two cultures had diametrically different customs.
11. Their reactions to the news were diametrically opposite.
12. The siblings had diametrically opposed tastes in music.
13. The scientific theories were diametric in their predictions.
14. Diametric choices in lifestyle can impact health outcomes.
15. Their views on education were diametrically distinct.
16. The companies had diametric strategies for market expansion.
17. Diametric preferences in design led to a compromise.
18. Their beliefs about the afterlife were diametrically opposed.
19. Diametric approaches to leadership yielded varying results.
20. In the debate, they presented diametric viewpoints.
21. The diplomatic talks revealed diametric interests.
22. Diametric interpretations of the law created confusion.
23. Their management styles were diametric in nature.
24. Diametric cultural norms can lead to misunderstandings.
25. Diametric goals in the project caused friction among team members.

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