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Examples of 'dichotomy' in a Sentence

1. The gender wage gap highlights a workplace dichotomy.
2. The class dichotomy can lead to social inequality.
3. The dichotomy of love and hate fuels many stories.
4. Political polarization reflects a deep societal dichotomy.
5. The rural-urban dichotomy impacts lifestyle choices.
6. In art, the dichotomy of chaos and order inspires creativity.
7. The economic dichotomy affects access to opportunities.
8. The technology divide underscores a digital dichotomy.
9. The dichotomy of tradition and progress defines cultures.
10. The dichotomy between rich and poor is stark in the city, with luxury apartments standing next to slums.
11. The novel explores the dichotomy between appearance and reality in the life of its protagonist.
12. His work investigates the dichotomy between traditional values and modern lifestyles in contemporary society.
13. The dichotomy of love and hate is a recurring theme in many classic literature pieces.
14. The lecture focused on the dichotomy between nature and nurture in human development.
15. The political dichotomy between the left and the right often leads to polarization in society.
16. The dichotomy in the painting – the dark, menacing sky contrasted with the serene landscape – is striking.
17. The false dichotomy of choosing between economic growth and environmental sustainability limits innovative solutions.
18. Her book discusses the dichotomy between science and religion, and how they can coexist.
19. The movie presents a dichotomy between the protagonist's public image and his private struggles.
20. The study examines the dichotomy between online and offline identities in the age of social media.
21. The dichotomy of public interest versus private profit is at the heart of many ethical debates.
22. The city presents a fascinating dichotomy, where historical architecture stands alongside modern skyscrapers.
23. The gender dichotomy has been challenged by movements advocating for a more fluid understanding of gender identity.
24. The psychologist talked about the dichotomy of pain and pleasure in human motivation and decision-making.

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