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Examples of 'dictate' in a Sentence

1. The teacher will dictate the spelling words for the students to write down.
2. He prefers to dictate his thoughts for transcription rather than typing.
3. Our circumstances often dictate our choices, regardless of our desires.
4. The union leaders will dictate the terms of the strike to the company.
5. The general will dictate the strategy for the upcoming military operation.
6. You don't have the authority to dictate my actions in this project.
7. The director will dictate the vision for the film during pre-production.
8. Market conditions dictate the pricing strategy for most businesses.
9. Parents should not dictate their children's career paths unilaterally.
10. The rules of the game dictate how the players can or cannot act.
11. Social norms often dictate our behavior in public settings, like it or not.
12. Government policies dictate the use of renewable energy in new projects.
13. We allow science to dictate the methods for our research studies.
14. His emotions sometimes dictate his decisions, for better or worse.
15. The editor will dictate the structure for the special issue of the magazine.
16. The court will dictate the conditions for his release on bail.
17. If you don't like it, dictate a better plan and we'll consider it.
18. Budget constraints dictate the scope of the renovation project.
19. The shifting winds dictate the best time for us to set sail.

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