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Examples of 'dictator' in a Sentence

1. In history, the downfall of a dictator often stems from internal betrayal.
2. Many wondered how the dictator maintained power for so many years unchecked.
3. The dictator silenced critics through fear, often resorting to public execution.
4. Surveillance was the dictator's key tool in maintaining his oppressive regime.
5. The dictator seized power in a coup, promising change but delivering tyranny.
6. Citizens lived under the dictator's rule, their freedoms eroding day by day.
7. A dictator’s rule can destabilize a region, causing years of conflict.
8. Sanctions targeted the dictator's regime but also impacted everyday citizens.
9. Once beloved, the dictator became a pariah, isolated on the world stage.
10. The dictator’s military was loyal, ensuring his grip on power remained firm.
11. Dictators often manipulate public sentiment to validate their oppressive rule.
12. A dictator may use charisma to mask the harsh reality of authoritarianism.
13. Under the dictator, the judiciary lost its independence and became a puppet.
14. Even after death, a dictator’s impact on a nation can last for generations.Under the dictator's regime, freedom of speech and expression were severely restricted.
15. The dictator's lavish lifestyle contrasted sharply with the poverty experienced by the majority of the population.
16. The dictator's propaganda machine spread false information to manipulate public opinion.
17. The dictator's regime was characterized by widespread human rights violations and political persecution.
18. The dictator's oppressive policies led to a mass exodus of refugees fleeing their homeland.
19. The dictator's secret police maintained a constant atmosphere of fear and surveillance.
20. The dictator's cult of personality was enforced through elaborate displays of loyalty and adoration.
21. The dictator's economic mismanagement resulted in skyrocketing inflation and widespread poverty.
22. The dictator's military forces brutally suppressed any attempts at resistance or uprising.
23. The dictator's autocratic rule stifled innovation, creativity, and intellectual freedom.
24. The fall of the dictator brought a glimmer of hope for the oppressed population, marking the end of an era of tyranny.

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