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Examples of 'dictatorial' in a Sentence

1. The citizens grew tired of the dictatorial government and began to demand democratic reforms.
2. His dictatorial behavior created a toxic environment within the family.
3. The committee rejected the proposal, fearing it could grant dictatorial powers to the executive director.
4. During his dictatorial reign, the media was heavily censored and dissenting voices were silenced.
5. Her dictatorial control over the project prevented any meaningful collaboration with her colleagues.
6. The country finally broke free from its dictatorial past and began transitioning towards a democratic society.
7. The organization was reluctant to hire a manager with a dictatorial style, knowing it could demoralize the staff.
8. The community resisted the dictatorial impositions and fought for the preservation of their cultural heritage.
9. Despite his dictatorial demeanor, he was a deeply insecure individual seeking validation and acceptance.
10. The dictator's dictatorial regime silenced all opposition voices.
11. Her dictatorial leadership stifled creativity in the organization.
12. The teacher's dictatorial approach left no room for student input.
13. Under his dictatorial rule, dissent was met with harsh consequences.
14. The CEO's dictatorial decisions alienated the entire staff.
15. His dictatorial tendencies undermined the principles of democracy.
16. The manager's dictatorial style led to a high turnover rate.
17. The coach's dictatorial demeanor demoralized the team.
18. In a dictatorial system, individual liberties often suffer.
19. Their dictatorial control over resources caused widespread suffering.
20. A dictatorial government often suppresses free speech.
21. The dictator's dictatorial edicts were met with widespread protest.
22. His dictatorial behavior made collaboration impossible.
23. The company's dictatorial policies favored profits over people.
24. Dictatorial leaders rarely consider the needs of the marginalized.


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