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Examples of 'difficulty' in a Sentence

1. There is no difficulty too great for a determined mind to overcome.
2. The team had difficulty establishing communication with the remote base.
3. The doctor explained the difficulty in diagnosing such a rare disease.
4. With practice, the gymnast overcame the difficulty of the new routine.
5. The difficulty of the treasure hunt was balanced by the excitement of the potential reward.
6. Overcoming a difficulty often leads to personal growth and resilience.
7. The team faced unexpected difficulty during the project's execution.
8. Learning a new language can be a significant difficulty for adults.
9. Patience is essential when tackling a complex difficulty.
10. Navigating through this maze presents a unique difficulty.
11. Financial difficulties can be a source of stress for many.
12. The difficulty of the task deterred some from attempting it.
13. Climbing the steep mountain was a formidable difficulty.
14. The difficulty in finding a solution was quite frustrating.
15. Adapting to change can be a substantial difficulty for some.
16. The complexity of the problem added to the overall difficulty.
17. Overcoming a fear can be a daunting difficulty to face.
18. The puzzle's difficulty level increased with each stage.
19. The project's difficulty was underestimated from the start.
20. The difficulty in reaching a consensus slowed down the process.
21. Financial difficulty forced them to make tough decisions.
22. Overcoming adversity often involves navigating through difficulty.
23. Mastering a musical instrument takes dedication and difficulty.
24. The difficulty in understanding the concept led to confusion.
25. Resilience helps individuals overcome life's many difficulties.

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