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Examples of 'diffident' in a Sentence

1. He made a diffident attempt to join the conversation, but was quickly overshadowed by louder voices.
2. Her diffident demeanor often led people to underestimate her skills and intelligence.
3. The young artist, diffident about his work, was hesitant to display it in public.
4. His diffident nature was in stark contrast to his brother’s outgoing personality.
5. She was diffident at first, but grew more confident as she got to know her classmates.
6. He was a diffident leader, often seeking consensus before making decisions.
7. The diffident writer reluctantly shared her poems, not expecting the accolades she received.
8. Though he was a brilliant musician, he remained diffident and avoided the spotlight.
9. She sent a diffident text message, unsure of how her friend would react to the news.
10. She appeared diffident at the party, avoiding eye contact.
11. His diffident demeanor made it hard to gauge his true feelings.
12. The student's diffident response surprised the teacher.
13. Despite her talent, she remained diffident about her abilities.
14. His diffident nature hindered his leadership potential.
15. The new employee felt diffident in the unfamiliar environment.
16. It's essential to help diffident individuals build self-esteem.
17. She overcame her diffident tendencies through public speaking.
18. The team encouraged the diffident member to share ideas.
19. His diffident smile charmed everyone at the gathering.
20. The CEO's diffident approach to decision-making puzzled some.
21. Many great thinkers were initially diffident in their pursuits.
22. The diffident artist's work spoke volumes about her emotions.
23. He fought to overcome his diffident disposition in social settings.
24. Over time, she outgrew her diffident personality and thrived.

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