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Examples of 'diffuse' in a Sentence

1. The fragrance began to diffuse as soon as the bottle was opened.
2. The team leader tried to diffuse the conflict between the two employees.
3. Her calm demeanor helped to diffuse his anger.
4. The teacher knows how to effectively diffuse information among her students.
5. As the sun set, its rays started to diffuse through the clouds.
6. The objective of the meeting is to diffuse knowledge about the new project.
7. The humidifier will diffuse moisture into the air.
8. She used a piece of fabric to diffuse the harshness of the flash in her photography.
9. The clouds began to diffuse the moonlight, creating an eerie atmosphere.
10. The spread of the internet has helped to diffuse information globally.
11. The air freshener will diffuse a pleasant scent in the car.
12. The organization aims to diffuse cultural awareness.
13. The barrier did not completely block the sound, but it did diffuse it.
14. They used a softbox to diffuse the light for the video shoot.
15. It's important to diffuse new technology responsibly and consider its impacts.


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