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Examples of 'dignity' in a Sentence


1. The program aims to provide basic necessities to homeless individuals while preserving their dignity.
2. Respect for cultural diversity includes honoring the customs and traditions that hold deep meaning and dignity.
3. The senator's behavior during the debate was a display of dignity and statesmanship.
4. The dignity of the deceased was upheld with a solemn and dignified funeral service.
5. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about human rights abuses and the importance of preserving human dignity worldwide.
6. Treating others with kindness is a mark of human dignity.
7. She faced adversity with grace and maintained her dignity.
8. Dignity is the foundation of a just and equitable society.
9. Respecting one's autonomy is essential for preserving dignity.
10. The elderly deserve to age with dignity and respect.
11. Human rights are closely tied to the concept of dignity.
12. The leader's actions reflected a lack of moral dignity.
13. Dignity is a universal value that transcends cultural boundaries.
14. Upholding the dignity of all individuals is a moral imperative.
15. She faced criticism with unwavering dignity and composure.
16. Social justice aims to restore dignity to marginalized groups.
17. Maintaining personal dignity is essential during difficult times.
18. The charity's mission is to restore dignity to the homeless.
19. Dignity should be at the core of every ethical decision.
20. The ceremony was conducted with great solemnity and dignity.
21. Discrimination strips individuals of their inherent dignity.
22. The leader's humility and empathy enhanced his dignity.
23. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
24. The dignity of the job lies in serving the greater good.
25. In times of crisis, communities often rally together to protect their dignity.

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