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Examples of 'digress' in a Sentence

1. Professors who digress during lectures can make the content more relatable.
2. As you digress, you are weaving a rich tapestry of ideas.
3. We can digress from the script if it helps to clarify points.
4. Authors sometimes digress in their writing to add depth to characters.
5. I often digress when talking about my travels, as there’s so much to share.
6. If you digress in a speech, ensure that it adds value to the audience.
7. Sometimes it's better not to digress, and stay concise and to the point.
8. When I digress during meetings, my colleagues usually get frustrated.
9. If we digress too much, we risk losing our audience's attention.
10. My grandmother loves to digress into stories from her past when we chat.
11. It's tempting to digress when a topic reminds you of an interesting anecdote.
12. When scientists give presentations, they should be careful not to digress too much from the data.
13. It's good to allow yourself to digress creatively when brainstorming ideas.
14. When you digress, it's important to find your way back to the main topic eventually.

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