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Examples of 'diktat' in a Sentence

1. The principal's diktat mandated school uniform changes.
2. The court's diktat settled the dispute once and for all.
3. The general's diktat ordered a full-scale military operation.
4. The emperor's diktat was enforced throughout the empire.
5. The mayor's diktat required stricter environmental regulations.
6. The committee issued a diktat regarding budget cuts.
7. The dictator's diktat controlled every aspect of life.
8. The president's diktat impacted foreign policy.
9. The board's diktat altered the organization's structure.
10. The government issued a diktat requiring all citizens to carry identification at all times.
11. The principal’s diktat that students must wear uniforms was met with protests.
12. The diktat from the corporate headquarters changed the daily operations at the branch offices.
13. Her parents’ diktat on curfew times was non-negotiable.
14. The council’s latest diktat regarding recycling puzzled many residents.
15. Under the authoritarian regime, the citizens had to follow every diktat without question.
16. The manager’s diktat about punctuality made it clear that no excuses would be accepted.
17. The company CEO issued a diktat that employees must participate in team-building exercises.
18. The religious leader’s diktat influenced the behavior of his followers.
19. The new diktat on water usage was crucial during the drought.
20. Many artists resist any form of diktat that tries to limit their creative expression.
21. The king's diktat was law, and no one dared to defy it.
22. The general's diktat was delivered with such authority that no one dared to question it.
23. The diktat regarding data protection policies was circulated among all employees.
24. Employees grumbled about the latest diktat on dress code from the human resources department.


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