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Examples of 'dilatory' in a Sentence

1. The contractor's dilatory progress on the construction project exceeded the expected timeline.
2. The student's dilatory behavior caused him to miss the submission deadline.
3. Her dilatory preparations for the event caused unnecessary last-minute stress.
4. The court criticized the defendant's dilatory tactics to prolong the legal proceedings.
5. The airline's dilatory response to customer complaints damaged its reputation.
6. Despite the urgency of the situation, the government's response was dilatory.
7. The committee's dilatory approach to decision-making hindered progress on the project.
8. The dilatory pace of negotiations frustrated both parties involved.
9. His dilatory attitude towards seeking medical treatment worsened his health condition.
10. The dilatory approval process for permits delayed the start of the construction project.
11. The CEO was determined to eliminate any dilatory practices within the organization.
12. The teacher's frustration grew as she observed the students' dilatory completion of assignments.
13. The team leader implemented stricter deadlines to prevent dilatory tendencies among team members.
14. His dilatory approach to deadlines often frustrated his colleagues.
15. She adopted a dilatory attitude when it came to making decisions.
16. The dilatory response from the government left citizens anxious.
17. Their dilatory service led to customer complaints piling up.
18. The dilatory pace of the project caused delays and cost overruns.
19. He faced consequences for his dilatory work habits at the office.
20. The employee's dilatory behavior hindered team productivity.
21. The dilatory negotiations strained diplomatic relations.
22. Her dilatory preparation left her unprepared for the exam.
23. The company suffered due to its dilatory product launch.

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