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Examples of 'dilemma' in a Sentence

1. The protagonist in the novel faced a moral dilemma, forced to choose between loyalty and justice.
2. The dilemma of whether to speak up or stay silent weighed heavily on her conscience.
3. The team leader was confronted with a difficult dilemma, having to choose between two exceptional candidates.
4. The teacher was caught in a dilemma when two students asked for an extension on the same deadline.
5. The ethical dilemma posed a challenge to the doctor's professional integrity.
6. The dilemma of choosing between family and career haunted her for years.
7. The dilemma of limited resources required the organization to make tough decisions.
8. The character in the movie was faced with a life-and-death dilemma.
9. The committee members found themselves in a budgetary dilemma, trying to allocate funds to multiple projects.
10. The students were in a dilemma, torn between attending a sports event or studying for an upcoming exam.
11. The moral dilemma presented in the play left the audience questioning their own values.
12. The company's CEO faced a dilemma when deciding whether to prioritize short-term profits or long-term sustainability.
13. The couple encountered a dilemma when they had to choose between buying a house or traveling the world.
14. The protagonist's dilemma added an intriguing layer of complexity to the story.

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