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Examples of 'dilute' in a Sentence

1. The director didn't want to dilute the impact of the final scene with unnecessary dialogue.
2. They had to dilute the strong alcohol with mixers to make it more palatable.
3. The decision to dilute the brand by introducing lower-quality products caused a decline in its reputation.
4. To make the cleaning solution safe for use, it must be properly diluted with water.
5. The professor suggested diluting the lecture with real-life examples to engage the students.
6. To enjoy the flavor, don't dilute the soup too much.
7. Adding water will dilute the strong coffee's bitterness.
8. He decided to dilute the paint for a smoother finish.
9. Overmixing can dilute the vibrant colors of the artwork.
10. They plan to dilute the solution for safety reasons.
11. Dilute the bleach before using it for cleaning.
12. Too much sugar can dilute the taste of the lemonade.
13. Avoid overusing filler words, as they dilute your message.
14. You can dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil.
15. Adding more ice will dilute the drink's potency.
16. Be cautious not to dilute the significance of the achievement.
17. Dilute the detergent to prevent damage to delicate fabrics.
18. Her apology did little to dilute the tension in the room.
19. Gradually dilute the chemical to reach the desired concentration.
20. Diluting the medicine with water makes it easier to swallow.
21. They plan to dilute the solution to reduce its acidity.
22. Adding more chapters may dilute the impact of the story.
23. It's essential not to dilute the impact of your message.
24. To reduce the saltiness, dilute the sauce with broth.
25. Dilute your criticism with constructive feedback for improvement.


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