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Examples of 'dimension' in a Sentence

1. The conversation delved into the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence and its impact on society.
2. The architect carefully considered the dimensions of the building to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics.
3. The map represented the geographical dimensions of the region, including mountains, rivers, and cities.
4. The project required a thorough understanding of the financial dimensions and implications.
5. The novel explored the emotional dimensions of loss and redemption.
6. The researcher analyzed the data from multiple dimensions to identify patterns and correlations.
7. The dance performance was a spectacle of movement and dimensions, captivating the audience.
8. The fashion designer created garments that played with proportions and exaggerated dimensions.
9. The technology advancements opened up new dimensions of possibilities in the field of communication.
10. The philosophical debate delved into the metaphysical dimensions of existence and consciousness.
11. The virtual reality experience immersed the user in a world of vivid dimensions and lifelike simulations.
12. The historical event had profound dimensions, shaping the course of civilization.
13. The puzzle had multiple dimensions, requiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
14. The painting evoked a sense of mystery and intrigue through its layers of colors and dimensions.

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