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Examples of 'diminutive' in a Sentence


1. The flower's diminutive petals added to its delicate beauty.
2. The toddler's diminutive shoes were adorned with cute bows.
3. The antique shop boasted a rare diminutive teapot collection.
4. Her diminutive voice carried a sweet and melodic tone.
5. The tiny bird's nest, so diminutive, held delicate eggs.
6. The mouse left diminutive footprints in the fresh snow.
7. The artist painted a diminutive masterpiece of a tranquil landscape.
8. The room's diminutive window allowed only a sliver of light.
9. The antique ring sparkled with a diminutive but dazzling gem.
10. The puppy's diminutive paws left adorable prints in the mud.
11. The fairy's diminutive wings shimmered in the golden sunlight.
12. The garden gnome held a diminutive fishing rod by the pond.
13. The bonsai tree's diminutive leaves and branches were meticulously tended.
14. The cabin featured a diminutive porch with a cozy swing, perfect for relaxation.
15. She wore a diminutive hat on her head that was barely visible.
16. The cat was so diminutive that it could fit in the palm of your hand.
17. The tiny cottage had a diminutive front door that only children could fit through.
18. The plant had a diminutive flower that was small but fragrant.
19. His diminutive stature made him an unlikely candidate for the basketball team.
20. The antique shop had a collection of diminutive trinkets that were delicate and intricate.
21. The puppy's diminutive paws were too small to reach the top of the couch.
22. The bird's diminutive wings could barely keep it in the air.
23. The actress was known for her diminutive figure and graceful movements on stage.
24. The chef used a diminutive spoon to add just the right amount of seasoning to the dish.
25. The little boy's diminutive smile was contagious and brightened up the room.

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