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Examples of 'diplomat' in a Sentence

1. The diplomat's role involves fostering international cooperation and harmony.
2. Diplomats work tirelessly to maintain peaceful relations between nations.
3. The diplomat's briefcase contained classified documents for the meeting.
4. The diplomat's appointment marked a significant milestone in her career.
5. Diplomats aim to represent their country's interests with tact and diplomacy.
6. The diplomat presented his credentials to the president.
7. She aspires to become a diplomat and serve her country abroad.
8. The diplomat's eloquence impressed everyone at the conference.
9. As a diplomat, he was adept at navigating complex political situations.
10. The young diplomat was keen on learning various languages.
11. The diplomat's luggage was exempt from inspection at the airport.
12. The career of a diplomat involves extensive travel and cross-cultural interaction.
13. The diplomat penned a memoir about his time in the Middle East.
14. The spy posed as a diplomat to gather intelligence.
15. The diplomat negotiated a peace treaty between the warring nations.
16. The party was attended by diplomats from various countries.
17. The diplomat's wife was actively involved in charity work in the host country.
18. The diplomat spoke fluently in six languages, which proved invaluable in his job.
19. The diplomat was expelled from the country due to espionage allegations.
20. The diplomat’s calm demeanor helped him handle a crisis situation.
21. The aspiring diplomat is pursuing her studies in international relations.
22. The ambassador is a seasoned diplomat with over 30 years of experience.
23. The diplomat was awarded a medal for his exceptional service.
24. The diplomat was cautious not to offend his hosts during the delicate negotiations.

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