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Examples of 'dire' in a Sentence


1. The scientists issued a dire warning about the spread of a deadly virus.
2. The homeless shelter was in dire need of donations to continue providing services.
3. The politician's decision had dire implications for the country's future.
4. The villagers were facing dire living conditions due to the ongoing conflict in their region.
5. The pandemic had a dire impact on global healthcare systems and economies.
6. Dire weather warnings prompted evacuations in vulnerable coastal areas.
7. The dire shortage of clean water threatened public health in the region.
8. The refugee crisis led to dire humanitarian conditions in overcrowded camps.
9. Dire consequences awaited those who ignored the warning signs.
10. The dire state of the economy left many struggling to make ends meet.
11. The wildfire's rapid spread posed a dire threat to nearby communities.
12. A dire need for food aid emerged in the aftermath of the natural disaster.
13. The dire situation called for a coordinated response from relief agencies.
14. Dire consequences followed the failure to address the infrastructure crisis.
15. The war had dire implications for regional stability and security.
16. The drought's impact on agriculture led to dire food shortages.
17. The dire prognosis prompted the patient to seek immediate medical attention.
18. The dire outlook for endangered species urged conservation efforts.
19. Dire financial straits forced the company to make tough decisions.
20. Dire circumstances often bring out the resilience of individuals.
21. The refugee crisis created dire living conditions in makeshift camps.
22. Dire political instability threatened the country's fragile democracy.
23. The dire need for affordable housing was a pressing issue in the city.


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