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Examples of 'directive' in a Sentence

1. The employee followed the directive to report any suspicious activity to the security team.
2. The directive from the regulatory agency required businesses to implement stricter data protection measures.
3. The team leader provided a clear directive on how to approach the upcoming project.
4. The military commander issued a directive to enhance training and readiness among the troops.
5. The company's new environmental directive aimed to reduce carbon emissions by 50%.
6. The government issued a directive to improve access to healthcare in rural areas.
7. The directive from the school administration outlined the dress code policy for students.
8. The manager's directive to prioritize work-life balance led to increased employee satisfaction.
9. The safety committee issued a directive to conduct regular fire drills in the workplace.
10. The new company directive promoted diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.
11. The CEO's directive to cut costs resulted in the implementation of new efficiency measures.
12. The team followed the directive to conduct thorough market research before launching the product.
13. The directive from the marketing department emphasized the importance of social media engagement.
14. The government's directive to reduce plastic waste led to the implementation of recycling programs.

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