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Examples of 'disabuse' in a Sentence

1. The seminar was meant to disabuse young entrepreneurs of the myth that success comes overnight.
2. The documentary seeks to disabuse the public of the false narrative surrounding the historical event.
3. It is crucial for parents to disabuse their children of the dangers of talking to strangers online.
4. She read several books to disabuse herself of the myths surrounding mental health.
5. The workshop aimed to disabuse the attendees of the belief that coding is only for tech-savvy individuals.
6. It took a lot of evidence to disabuse the scientist of his long-held theory.
7. They started a campaign to disabuse people of the notion that vaccinations are harmful.
8. The financial expert sought to disabuse people of the idea that investing is akin to gambling.
9. The veteran teacher tried to disabuse the new staff of the perception that teaching is a low-stress profession.
10. The community leader worked to disabuse residents of the idea that they could not make a difference.
11. I want to disabuse you of the thought that success is solely based on luck.
12. It is the role of educators to disabuse students of incorrect information and encourage critical thinking.
13. The psychologist needed to disabuse her patient of the irrational fears that plagued his mind.
14. She attempted to disabuse him of the conspiracy theories he believed.
15. It's crucial to disabuse society of harmful stereotypes.
16. He hoped to disabuse his friend of the mistaken notion.
17. The teacher worked tirelessly to disabuse students of common misconceptions.
18. Science seeks to disabuse us of unfounded superstitions.
19. Her goal was to disabuse the public of misinformation.
20. Rational arguments can disabuse people of irrational fears.
21. Education can help disabuse ignorance and promote understanding.
22. He wanted to disabuse them of the idea that success comes overnight.
23. Our mission is to disabuse society of gender bias.
24. Through open dialogue, we can disabuse misunderstandings.

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